Aircraft Management

Do you own or plan to buy a business jet?

From 2016 and forward the European laws governing aviation will require an organisation to support the operations of privately or corporately owned business jets. To save you precious time and energy to focus on what you do best, let us do what we do best; Take care of your aircraft. Throughout the years we have taken care of several aircraft for different owners.

There are many advantages to putting your aircraft on management with us, some of these are:
- Discounted fuel prices
- Put the aircraft on our Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for commercial operations to enjoy the higher safety standards and more beneficial tax regulations among other things.
- Benefits of good relations with maintenance workshops
- Flight dispatch - flight planning, overflying/landing permits and other flight preparations.
- Our fleet of aircraft is at your disposal at a discounted price when your own aircraft is unavailable.

When you choose to put your aircraft on management with us, these are some of the services that we offer:

Aircraft purchase guidance
With our long experience in the world of business jets we can help you find the aircraft that best suites your needs and requirements.

We help you to arrange hangar space for your aircraft at the location of your choice. All around Sweden we have a lot of good relations to airports facilitating such arrangements.

Pilots and training
We have good relations with many professional and dedicated pilots both experienced and recently graduated.
Do you fly yourself? We help you to arrange the training required with our contracted training facilities at discounted rates.

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)
Our own CAMO keeps track of the technical status of the aircraft and schedules maintenance when necessary. This control of the technical aspects of the aircraft helps keeping the aircraft "ready-for-flight" as many days a year as possible to allow you and other users to fly as much as you want.

Promoting the aircraft for charter sales
If you wish to gain some profit from chartering your aircraft to our customer base we will be happy to promote, arrange bookings and sell flight hours on your aircraft.

We will be happy to arrange all or some of these services for you among others. Give us a call to arrange a meeting or discuss what arrangements would be most suiable for you.